Thursday, 4 October 2007

It's that time of year again...

... and my mum has given me a flamethrower for my birthday.

It's a little more tame than I was envisaging. I'd thought I'd be striding through the vegetable patch in my combats torching our eight-foot nettles, but, sadly, it's more like making a crème brulée. There are lots of fun-busting instructions on the packaging about how you don't need to incinerate the weeds, just warm them up enough to damage the cell walls. Bah. Having followed all this to the letter, though, I notice that the clumps of grass on our drive seem largely unaffected by the stipulated light toasting. I figure that gives me licence to be more vicious next time.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday belatedly! When was it?
Lots of love,
Iona xxx

Beck said...

Oh, not till the 26th. Mum and I do these things fairly randomly, sice it's rare for either of us to actually *need* anything.